For the documentation of the famous Dakar Rally in 2012, the DakarPress Team from the Netherlands trusted in Petrol Bags to transport and protect their equipment. Dirk van der Veen reports:

“During this demanding 19-day shooting in Argentina, Chile and Peru we have to be prepared for all weather conditions. In the Atacama desert in Chile for example, temperatures of up to 55 degrees celcius are nothing out of the ordinary and we had to cope with a high level of UV radiation as well. The PD221 Digibag DSLR Camera Bag and the PD333 DSLR Sling Bag protected our DSLR equipment perfectly even when the sun was burning down on the bags for the whole day and sandy dust filled the air.

In other regions it was often raining heavily and persistently so we used the PD510 Transparent DSLR Plus Rain Cover to protect our camera. It is easy to use, completely waterproof and offers quick access to all camera features – a very useful piece of equipment.

To me the best thing about Petrol Bags is the strength of the materials used. Firstly, the bags are vibrating all day in the car when driving over rocky terrain then we take the bags out of the car and they’re tortured by dust, sand and heat – it’s amazing that even the zippers keep working perfectly whenever they’re needed.

Another practical aspect about all Petrol Bags is their flexible interior. We were so surprised how spacious the small DSLR Sling Bag was! When shooting the Dakar Rally, we need our equipment to work perfectly in extreme conditions, day after day, and in all surfaces and all types of weather. Petrol Bags are light, robust and they offer a safe way to travel with your equipment, so it was definitely the right decision to choose Petrol Bags to protect our equipment.”